IOS 15.4 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which was released in January 2022. The update brings a host of new features and improvements to the iPhone and iPad, including enhancements to Face ID, new privacy features, and updates to the Photos app. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what IOS 15.4 does and what you can expect from the update.

iOS 15.4 is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPad. It was released in January 2022 and includes several new features and improvements, including enhanced privacy settings, bug fixes, and security updates. In this article, we will look at the main changes and enhancements introduced by iOS 15.4 and explore how they can benefit iOS users.

Face ID Enhancements

IOS 15.4 brings several enhancements to Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology that allows users to unlock their devices, authenticate payments, and access secure apps. One of the most significant improvements is the ability to unlock your iPhone or iPad while wearing a mask. This feature uses your Apple Watch to authenticate your identity, and it works seamlessly with Face ID.

Another new feature is the ability to customize the speed at which Face ID recognizes your face. This can be useful if you find Face ID is too slow or too fast for your liking. You can adjust the speed in the Face ID settings under “Accessibility.”

New Privacy Features

Apple has always been committed to protecting user privacy, and IOS 15.4 continues this trend with several new features. One of the most significant new privacy features is “App Privacy Report.” This feature gives you a detailed breakdown of how apps are using your data, including what data they are collecting and who they are sharing it with.

Another new feature is “Hide My Email,” which allows you to create unique, disposable email addresses that can be used to sign up for online services. This feature helps protect your real email address from spammers and data brokers.

Photos App Updates

The Photos app in IOS 15.4 has received several updates, including a new “Live Text” feature that allows you to extract text from images and use it elsewhere on your device. This can be useful for quickly copying phone numbers, addresses, or other information from photos.

Another new feature is the ability to search your photos by location. This feature uses the GPS data in your photos to group them by location, making it easier to find specific photos from a particular place or event.

Other Enhancements

IOS 15.4 includes several other enhancements and improvements, including:

  • The ability to set different notification preferences for different apps.
  • Updated weather app with new animations and data sources.
  • Improved support for third-party accessories like AirPods and HomeKit devices.

FAQs – What does iOS 15.4 Do?

What is iOS 15.4 and why was it released?

iOS 15.4 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. It was released in February 2022, and it includes several new features and improvements to the user experience. The release was designed to improve the overall performance and reliability of the devices that use it.

What new features are included in iOS 15.4?

One of the most notable features of iOS 15.4 is the ability to use a Bluetooth mouse with an iPad or iPhone. This is a significant improvement for those who use their device for work or creative tasks. Other new features include the ability to personalize Siri’s voice and the addition of new languages to the Translate app. Users can also use the iPhone’s camera to scan their eyes for health reasons, and a new battery health management feature has been added for the iPhone 13.

Can iOS 15.4 improve my device’s performance?

Yes, iOS 15.4 is designed to improve the overall performance and reliability of your device. It includes several performance optimizations that can make your device run faster and more smoothly. Additionally, the release includes several bug fixes, which can help to prevent crashes and other issues.

How can I update my device to iOS 15.4?

To update to iOS 15.4, go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, then tap on “General,” and then “Software Update.” If an update is available, you should see it here, and you can choose to install it. You may need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the update if it is too large to download over cellular data.

Are there any known issues with iOS 15.4?

As with any software release, there may be some issues with iOS 15.4. However, Apple is continually working to fix any issues that arise. Some users have reported that the update caused their device’s battery to drain faster than usual, but this issue has been addressed by Apple with a fix. It is always a good idea to back up your data before updating your device, just in case.

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